Appeal parking ticket

We have made it easy for you to appeal your parking ticket. Just fill in your information in this form and it will be sent to out partner. When our partner HOJAB have received your appeal they will keep you informed on your errand. Your appeal is sent to, and all correspondence is done with HOJAB. 

If you do not follow the rules in a parking lot you risk getting a parking ticket or a parking fine. This can be annoying – but the work we do is important. We make sure that it is easy and safe to drive, and that you can get a parking spot when you need one. If you have a ticket that you feel are incorrect you can use the form below to make an appeal. Parking should not be hard, and we have made it easy for you to make the appeal – everyone can make mistakes.

The amount for the parking ticket differ depending on the violation committed and which municipality you were in.

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